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Christopher's Corner

The Monrovia Fair

Since the day the Monrovia Fair started, traffic has been backed up for miles as everyone in Monrovia is trying to go to the Monrovia fair. There is a plethora of activities to do in the fair like watching people dressed as pirates dive into pools after climbing an 85 foot structure! The 4H Club comes to the fair and brings farm animals to show off and inform people. There are plenty of exciting rides to enjoy. The fair always has all sorts of food to eat like elephant ears, deep fried oreos, and buckets of fries.

The fair has so many fun activities like the Demolition Derby, the Combine Derby, and the live music perfomances. The Demolition Derby is when people from all around Monrovia build cars to crash into each other and demolish for fun. It is truly a highlight of Fair Week. The Combine Derby is another fun activity. It is similar to the Demolition Derby in the way that people take farm combines and destroy them by ramming into each other for the viewers' fun. The Fair's live music headliner is Chris Hansen, and a guest appearance from the Chevy Five. Suewellyn Josten, a fairgoer and a longtime Monrovia resident, when asked about her favorite part of the fair said"We are blessed to have our fair back!"